We are a family owned and operated small business located in Graysville, AL. We serve all of the Greater Birmingham Area, and will go beyond that if you live outside this area. We have 50 years combined expierience and know how to get the job done right and in a timely manner. Just give us a call or contact us on FaceBook.

Teeter Cabinets

60 6th Ave SE  Graysville, AL

(205) 281-7400


2 thoughts on “About

  1. Teresa Stevenson says:

    Where are you located? The GPS have you located in Alden, Alabama in a house. Is this accurate? The number you listed is frequently busy. Are you a true business in the Graysville area?

    1. Teeter Cabinets says:

      Hi, unfortunately due to the nature of the layout and naming convention of the streets in Graysville we still have difficulties with ensuring the address several GPS and map apps show is representative of our actual place of business. We are located at 60 6th AVE SE Graysville, AL. It’s just off Main Street across from the Cable Repair Shop. Hope this helps!

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